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Every property has a story.

In the real estate industry, it’s important to showcase properties in the best light possible to potential buyers. My real estate videos can do just that, offering a dynamic and immersive view of a property.

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As a one-man operation with over 15 years of video production experience, I understand the importance of bringing a property’s unique story to life through video. Whether working with real estate agents or homeowners, I create real estate videos that highlight the key features of a property, as well as its unique character and charm.

When producing a real estate video, I believe in capturing not just the property itself, but also the surrounding community and neighborhood. From the local parks and shops to the nearby restaurants and cafes, a premium real estate video should offer a comprehensive view of what it would be like to live in that particular area.

I use high-quality cameras and drones to create stunning aerial shots and smooth, steady footage of each property. With a focus on both aesthetics and storytelling, my real estate videos are not only visually appealing, but also emotionally engaging.

My company, 2 Gems Media is dedicated to helping real estate agents and homeowners effectively market their properties through custom real estate videos. Why not let me create a real estate video for you that stands out and leaves a lasting impression on potential buyers.



I really enjoyed this video project. I had a couple of weeks to think about the shots I wanted and the overall flow of the video. My client gave me full creative control so it was nice to let my inspirations run free! 

The Bridge Estate | Property marketed by Gerard McConkey – Harcourts Solutions. 

Filming at these stunning properties is more than just a job; it’s an escape from reality and a deep dive into my passion for video production, photography, and timelapse. The intricate details, the play of light and shadows, and the serene ambiance all come together to create a canvas for my creativity. 

I revel in the process of framing shots, capturing the perfect angles, and experimenting with different techniques to showcase the home in the best possible light. Each shoot is a new adventure, a fresh challenge that keeps my artistic spirit alive and thriving.

Everybody loves it! Absolutely awesome. We are impressed with the way the video connects with the aspirational elements of the lifestyle the property offers and makes you want to live there. It also reinforces how impressive the property is.
Gerard McConkey Agent at Harcourts Solutions
Gerard McConkey
Licensed Real Estate Agent & Auctioneer

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Stretton Residence

Real estate video produced for  Kevin Chiu & Peter Luo (Ray White Sunnybank Central).

Featuring the wonderful Natasha Maria Pruchniewicz, who had to jump into a freezing cold pool and smile while doing so! Natasha was such a professional and a pleasure to work with.

Check out 27 Elderbury Place, Stretton, enjoy!

Super Auction Weekend

Promo video produced for The Rochelle Adgo Team at Harcourts Solutions. Features a montage of highlights filmed at in-house auctions (including time-lapse), presentation to camera and a variety of motion graphics.

This video was distributed on Facebook and various other social media platforms to raise awareness of the event.

Robertson Residence

Premium Real Estate Video

Produced for Kevin Chiu while he was at Place Estate Agents. I’m very grateful to be given opportunities like this to film and direct real estate videos that feature not only beautiful homes, but also models and supercars!

It’s a lot of work but very rewarding and a great feeling to know the client is over the moon.

Mt Gravatt Residence

Standard Real Estate Video

My standard real estate video packages include drone shots with location markers, property features, agent presentation and durations up to 2 mins. 

Typically, up to 2 hours production time and 48 hours turn-around.

But wait, there's more!

2 Gems Media is your one stop shop for all your real estate marketing needs.

Matterport Virtual Tours

Matterport Virtual Tours are immersive 3D tours that allow users to virtually explore properties as if they were physically there. They are created using a special camera that captures 360-degree panoramic images of every room and space, which are then stitched together to create a cohesive, interactive experience. Matterport Virtual Tours offer several interactive features, such as clickable hotspots and the ability to switch between floor plans and dollhouse views.

Click here to see a Matterport Virtual Tour now!

You also get some really useful data including visitor count, session times and heatmaps. Click here to see a demo report.

Real Estate Photography

Our photographers have the experience and expertise to capture a property’s best features, angles and lighting.

By presenting your properties in the best possible light, you increase the chances of attracting potential buyers, selling properties faster, and ultimately achieving higher sales prices.

Our photos are delivered next day!


We provide professional floorplans that deliver a visual representation of the property’s layout and dimensions.

2366 Sandgate Rd Albion FP

Agent Profile Videos

A profile video for a real estate agent is important because it helps to establish a personal connection with potential clients, create a strong brand identity and differentiate the agent from competitors. 

A profile video can showcase the agent’s personality, expertise, and unique selling proposition, allowing potential clients to get to know them on a more personal level.

Virtual Staging

Virtual staging is the process of digitally furnishing and decorating a real estate property to create an appealing visual representation of the space. This is achieved using 3D modeling and digital image editing software to add furniture, decor, and other design elements to photographs of empty or sparsely furnished rooms.

Virtual Staging

Aerial Video and Photography

We provide full 4K aerial video and high-resolution photography. Post production can include graphics and location markers. 

Real World Staging

Virtual photos are great, but you can’t beat actual, real world staging! 2 Gems Media has partnered with Echo Home Staging and together we can bring you one of the most economical home styling packages available.

Real World Staging

Real Estate Video Showcase

Production Process






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Let’s get together and discuss your requirements. There are many different styles of videos to choose from. During this phase, we can talk about the variety of options available and how best to capture your story/services/products on camera.


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Pre Production

If you fail to plan, you plan to fail. Once we have a clear production objectives in place, it’s time to get organised. During the pre-production phase, we’ll organise personal, production equipment and location schedules.


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This is where the fun really begins. A wonderful creative process unfolds when filming on location. Lots of new experiences and challenges to be had. Lights, camera, action!


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Post Production

Once production is complete, all the resulting footage is brough back to our editing suite and we begin the process of putting it altogether. It’s like one big digital jig-saw. It’s a very exciting time to see the hard work pay off as the video sequences are blended together with branding and music.

Our Clients

As a video producer, I understand that my clients’ feedback is essential to improving and growing my business. I value their input and appreciate the opportunity to work with them. Their feedback helps me to understand their needs and preferences better and ensures that I am delivering the best possible service. I am committed to providing a high level of customer satisfaction and will continue to work hard to earn their trust and loyalty. Thank you for choosing 2 Gems Media as your video production company.


A: The average time required on location to film a property video is 2 hours. This of course can vary depending on the desired outcomes i.e. day / night transitions, agent presentation and location / lifestyle shoots. The longest production we’ve done ran over a 4 day period and including models, supercars, twilights and timelapse sequences.

A: The cost will vary depending on the desired production value. We offer budget videos starting at $440 but we also work with budgets of thousands.

A: Some real estate agents like to appear in the video to present the property. We do encourage this as it will help to establish your authority online and build your personal brand. However, there are no said rules in this game and you may wish to keep it simple with a voice-over only or perhaps just let the property speak for itself with a suitable audio soundtrack.