I had a fantastic time producing this luxury real estate video. Straight off the bat, I would like to thank both David from Brisbane Makeover Co. and Alex Stassen from Harcourts Property Centre for recommending me to my client, Tony Ghanem.

Marketing agent for Harcourts Property Centre Beenleigh, Tony Ghanem contacted me and said that his client had seen some of the real estate videos on my website and wanted me to produce something similar to help sell this incredible property located at Ormiston.

Absolutely loved it! Champion effort. Very dramatic, on trend and very memorable.
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Tony Ghanem
Tony Ghanem, Licensed Estate Agent.

I had a couple of weeks to think about the shots I wanted and the overall flow of the video. My client gave me full creative control so it was nice to let my inspirations run free. 

Finding the right music is always crucial for videos like this and it took me 3 days to find the perfect track – ‘Polaris’ by Judah Earl. The music was dramatic and intense and was just what I was looing for. This is the first time I actually had the music selected before I began production – which was actually very helpful and certainly influenced the types of shots I wanted to get.

Perfect Match

When I first toured the house, one of the first features that stood out to me was this circular hole in the ceiling on the ground floor. This was a gated area that also allowed views from the first floor. 
That evening while I searched online for talent, I came across Leonie’s profile. She looked great and the fact that she was a fire dancer and silk performer meant she was perfect for the role.

I had this vision of Leonie hanging on her silks through the feature hole at this property and it was just so awesome to see it actually happen during production. Leonie brought all the equipment and made it all look so easy.

Check out Leonie’s Insta here.

 There’s something incredibly special about being given the opportunity to immerse myself in the world of real estate video production. The freedom to let my creative flow guide me through each project is a joy like no other. Every time I step into a beautiful home, camera in hand, I feel a sense of privilege. These homes, each with their unique charm and elegance, become my playground. I get to capture their essence, transforming spaces into stories that entice and inspire potential buyers.
Filming at these stunning properties is more than just a job; it’s an escape from reality and a deep dive into my passion for video production, photography, and timelapse. The intricate details, the play of light and shadows, and the serene ambiance all come together to create a canvas for my creativity. I revel in the process of framing shots, capturing the perfect angles, and experimenting with different techniques to showcase the home in the best possible light. Each shoot is a new adventure, a fresh challenge that keeps my artistic spirit alive and thriving.


The real magic happens in the editing room. It’s where all the pieces come together, where my vision begins to take shape. The thrill of working through the editing process is indescribable. I get to relive the beauty of the homes I’ve filmed, meticulously crafting each scene to ensure it aligns with the story I want to tell. Seeing my ideas finally come to fruition, watching the raw footage transform into a polished, captivating video, is immensely satisfying. And the ultimate reward? Hearing the excitement and satisfaction from my clients. When they’re overjoyed with the production, when they see their properties presented in ways that exceed their expectations, it’s a feeling that never gets old.

Being able to indulge my creative passions in such a rewarding way is truly a blessing. Real estate video production allows me to combine my love for visual storytelling with the excitement of exploring beautiful homes. It’s a perfect blend of art and real estate, and I’m grateful for every moment I get to spend bringing these incredible spaces to life on screen.

Virtual Staging

Fill an empty room with virtual furniture. You won't know the difference.