Welcome to 2 GEMS MEDIA.

Welcome to 2 GEMS MEDIA.

Inspired Video Production & Photography Services, Brisbane, Australia.

Although I established the 2 GEMS MEDIA company at the start of 2018, I began the journey to become a professional video producer and business owner almost a decade earlier.


I have always been a creative soul. Creative to the point that I rebelled against the 9 to 5 in my early 20’s and taught myself how to play guitar instead.

For several years I wrote and performed original compositions. I had an incredible network of muso friends and it was an amazing time of creative growth and exploration.

In the blink of an eye however, I was 30 years old. Still driving cabs part time and far from being rich and famous.

I had enjoyed my time as musician and had succeeded in all the goals I had set for myself, apart from the ‘make a million dollars’ part.

So, in the year 2000 I got a haircut and got a real job. I thought it would be awesome to be paid to sit at a computer and be a graphic artist.

I was fortunate enough to get a traineeship with Queensland Rail and my role was to create graphics and websites used for e-Learning.

After a few years, technology improved and I saw an opportunity to use video as a tool for education online. I proposed the idea to management and was given the green light to start an internal video production unit.

For the next several years I produced videos for Queensland Rail until finally I was pushed into the world of self employment.

The Early Days

The transition from a full time, government position to a self employed videographer was also an incredible time of creative growth for me.

I really was in a make or break situation given I had now turned 40 (another blink of an eye), married and about to have our first child.

I had considered moving to the USA to pursue a course in cinematography. I had established a key contact in New York, a cinematographer who shared many insights with me about the industry.

I remember pinning my hopes on this guy being able to get me work in the big apple, but that wasn’t to be. The one thing I distinctly remember him telling me about finding work was ‘its all about the hustle’.

Right then. I figured it would be more practical for me to hustle in my home town of Brisbane rather than taking the family to the USA.

I just needed to find something worth hustling.

The Business of Business

I’ll be honest. For the first 3 months after leaving my cushy full time government job, I had no idea where to start. I actually applied for a few jobs online, but the idea of working for someone else again really didn’t appeal at all.


I had a light bulb moment when discussing my options with my father. Before leaving the railway, I had been shooting wedding videos part time on the weekends for extra cash.

Dad asked me how much I charged for a wedding video and it became clear that I only needed to book a couple per month to make ends meet at the time.

I started a wedding video business and filmed weddings for several years full time.

I learned so much about video production in that time. You only get one shot at weddings, so you have to be ready and get the shots you need.

You can’t stop the service and ask folks to wait while you get into position, or change batteries or memory cards, or find focus or switch the mics on.

I predominantly worked as a one-man-band. It was certainly a challenge, particularly when I started shooting ceremonies with multiple cameras. It was a huge responsibility and one that I took a lot of pride in.

I knew that my cameras would be the lens through which the happy couple and their family would view and remember the special day for many years to come.

From backyard ceremonies, beach parties right through to full blown church ceremonies, I had filmed them all and to be honest, I’d learned all I was going to learn in that space.

It was time to start another business.

Real Estate

There wasn’t a lot being done in the real estate video space back in 2011. I figured with social media becoming more popular, having a video to market a property online would be a no brainer in a few years.

I offered a free real estate video to an agent that I knew and it was a success. Real estate video production proved to be a nice change from the pressure of wedding videos.

So, I started a business called Brisbane Real Estate Video. An obvious business name which both clearly stated what I did as well as working really well for my Google keywords!

For a couple years I worked closely with Phil Resnikoff from Crafted Property Agents and together we evolved our craft, always inspiring each other with new equipment, lenses, sliders and drones.

Phil now manages his own internal video production team and continues to grow his business.

I continue to produce real estate videos to this day. I have also written and presented online training tutorials about how to shoot and edit real estate videos.

Bringing it all together

Eventually I found myself working on all kinds of video projects. From live events to real estate, from business promotional videos to music videos.

I began consulting as a sole trader and created Dave Dwyer Video Production & Photography. This is my freelance site, if you will.

Finally I had grown my personal businesses to the point where it made more sense to bring them all together and begins operating as a company.

So at the end of 2017, I launched 2 GEMS MEDIA PTY LTD.

2 GEMS MEDIA specializes in video production for a variety of clients including RSL Queensland, Yong Real Estate, Bristar Property and international production company, WebsEdge.

Our services include:

  • video production
  • photography
  • long term construction time-lapse
  • camera operations
  • 360/VR video production
  • aerial videography and photography
  • professional services including voice-overs and presenters

Win Win

At the core of everything I do, is the desire to bring success to my clients through the services I provide.

I know how powerful video can be. My videos have generated sales worth hundreds of thousands of dollars for my clients.

It gives me a great sense of satisfaction to be able to contribute to the success of others and in turn, that success comes back to me in the form of repeat business and loyalty.

My 2 GEMS!