Producing real estate videos like this is a lot of work but its also great fun and very rewarding. I always have a basic idea of what I'd like to achieve but the creative process often takes its own twists and turns.

Often running on tight budgets and schedules, I rarely visit a property before production and so I enjoy the challenge of thinking on my feet and creating something worthwhile in the time allocated.

I like the idea of ‘vlogging’ so let’s officially say this is my first real attempt at making one. I carried a GoPro Hero 6 and GoPro Fusion on a recent real estate video shoot and shot some behind the scenes footage.

I have always found it fascinating to watch outtakes and general behind the scenes footage for movies. I diligently search for these extras on all the discs I purchase. Direction, camera operation, actors and props, it’s so interesting to see how it all comes together in the real world.

Not that I’m anything like Hollywood. I’m just a one man band. A guy with a (well used) DJI Ronin-M, a Panasonic GH5 and a bag of lenses. But it’s still kind of cool to watch myself do what I do, and with any luck, you might find it interesting too.

Behind the scenes at a premium real estate video shoot.

The video at the top of this page is the ‘Director’s Cut’ if you will. With a duration of just over 3 minutes, it features the actors only.

The official video used for marketing by Tom Zhang from Yong Real Estate has a duration of just over 10 minutes. You’ll find the full version below.

Dave Dwyer

Dave is a video producer/photographer based in Brisbane, Australia. With over a decades worth of experience experience, Dave brings a unique set of skills, passion and experience to his craft.

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