For over a decade now, I have been helping businesses market products and services online with video production.

In 2020, I’m expanding my video production services to focus on cinema advertising and television commercials.

Mmm, popcorn!

When was the last time you sat down in a cinema?

The smell of popcorn, the excitement to see the movie, and how awesome is that big screen!

It’s such a unique environment and it certainly makes for a memorable advertising experience as well.

Just imagine your product or service being advertised up there!

If you’re a business owner, ponder for a moment about how a cleverly produced video might elevate that memorability even further and/or how you might use the latest cinema technology to increase the creative impact of campaigns and drive longer lasting sales effects.

Whether you are a local business targeting your general area or a company marketing to the nation, cinema advertising brings you a captive audience.

Cinema Advertising

Keystar Autoworld asked me to produce a video for cinema advertising. We brainstormed a few simple ideas before settling on the concept of ‘that new car feeling’.

We shot a variety of scenes depicting the anticipation and excitement of getting a new car. The first cut was 60 seconds, so I had some work to do to get it down to the required 15 seconds.

‘New Car Feeling’ – 15s Cinema Advertisement produced for Keystar Autoworld.

Cinemas are often located near or in suburban shopping centres which means your adverts can be positioned very close to point of purchase.

Cinema is not reliant on repetitive advertising like radio for example. One good advertisement will be enough as the audience will be better engaged thanks to the full experience of motion picture and sound.

Digital Cinema Media Releases Study Proving Cinema’s Value to Advertisers

A research programme conducted by Digital Cinema Media and released in 2017 provides a number of insights to help advertisers and agencies better understand the value of cinema advertising.

Key Take-Aways

  • Cinema delivers the most receptive audiences
  • Cinema contributes unbeatable impact with the AV* mix
  • Cinema drives longer-lasting sales effects

Results have demonstrated that cinema offers advertisers a chance to engage receptive audiences and deliver significant impact for brands at the start of their campaigns. Cinema should be seen as contributing engaged and effective cover alongside the mass reach of television advertising.

*AV – Audio/Visual Channel Mixes

  • TV (only)
  • TV + Online Video
  • TV + Cinema
  • TV + Online Video + Cinema

Some other key points to note about the benefits of cinema advertising

  • Being relaxed in the most pertinent mindset for receptiveness – audiences at the cinema are in an incredibly positive frame of mind.
  • Movies (story line), music and comedy are key to increasing positivity towards advertising

Building Box Office Brands Volume III contains some excellent information for those considering cinema advertising as part of their AV mix.

You can download the document here.

Want to go all out and really build some brand awareness?

Short Movie for Brand Awareness

Behind the Scenes on location filming ‘Client’s First, Always’.

In December I produced a short film for my clients, Tom Zhang (Yong Real Estate) and Kenny Ma (United Fortune Financial).

This was a very last minute project which went from concept to finished product in just under a week.

  • A basic story scribbled on paper.
  • No storyboards.
  • Shot on location in just 3.5 hours.
  • Edited over 12 hours.

This was a classic run and gun, make-it-up-as-you-go style production.

But first, some background …

Before watching, it’s important to understand how this movie was used in the first place.

Tom and Kenny were sponsoring the premiere of a martial arts movie and had booked out the cinema for a large number of their clients.

They wanted to create a memorable experience for their customers and so the idea was to produce a pre-movie presentation featuring themselves!

Given they were both proficient in their own style of martial arts, the idea was to plot them against each other and showcase their relevant disciplines before coming to the realization that they share a common belief.

For Tom and Kenny, their client’s are first, always.

This was a special presentation played to the audience before the official movie began.

TV Commercials

While there is no doubt online video marketing and cinema advertising yield fantastic results, there is no denying that television remains king when it comes to reaching mass Aussie consumers.

There is no doubt that our viewing habits have changed since the internet came along. Netflix, Stan and more recently Disney+ are also having an impact on traditional TV.

However, free to air TV advertising can still pack a punch. Despite the online competition, an ad on a popular TV show can present your message to millions of viewers.

But its not all about mass audiences. TV advertising allows you to pitch to your customers at a time when they are most likely to be enjoying leisure time in front of the telly.

Pay TV (i.e. Foxtel) can also make it easier to target certain demographics by using specific channels to run your ad.

TV commercial produced for the RSL Art Union.

Television is a medium which offers immediate trust to consumers and a strong penetration into targeted households.

Think about the more memorable TV commercials that you have seen. Why do you remember them? Was it the music, the way it looked, the story line?

This is why the power of advertising on television cannot be discounted. If your ad is memorable then it won’t be forgotten at all.

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