The 2GM ViP Program

There’s a lot of eye balls on screens these days so it’s prime time to get your business online with video content produced by 2 Gems Media Pty Ltd.

Creating online video content for savvy business owners.

Introducing theĀ 2GM ViP Program.

This is video content creation for business owners who want to engage with their target audience online and via their social media channels.

This is a minimum 3 month commitment and includes:

  • Monthly pre-production consultations
  • 1 x full day (up to 7 hours) video production per month
    (Schedule can be single day or broken up over various dates/locations)
  • All post production
  • All music licensing & graphics included.

2GM ViP’s will connect with existing and new customers online like never before with relevant and engaging video content. Only limited by your imagination, there is a wide type of videos that can be produced with this strategy, including:

  • market updates / latest news, events
  • client testimonials
  • interviews with key people
  • tips, tricks
  • FAQ sessions – answer common questions, encourage more questions in comments
  • property stories – follow the progress of sales and marketing

Check out some of our ViP program videos here.

If you would like more information, please contact 2 Gems Media on 1300 072 470.