2 GEMS MEDIA specializes in long term construction time-lapse and aerial photography. We back this service up with a quality video production that showcases the results during and upon project completion.

  • Solar powered or AC powered cameras
  • Indoors or outdoors
  • Ideal for projects spanning months to even years!

Long term construction time-lapse photography and video productions will provide you with valuable visual content which is ideal for:

  • marketing on your website and across your social media channels
  • engaging your customers and stakeholders like never before
  • training and education
  • real time project monitoring

Our cameras can be installed indoors or outdoors and can run on AC or solar power. High resolution images are uploaded in real time so you can monitor and track project progress. Simply log-in and view/download the latest images on-demand!

Long term construction time-lapse photography is perfect for residential and commercial developments, land and property development.

Engage your viewers online with monthly time-lapse video updates.

We have a variety of construction time-lapse packages available, including:

6 month installations

  • monthly time-lapse video updates
  • 3 complimentary drone sessions
  • comprehensive video production upon project completion

12 month installations

  • monthly time-lapse video updates
  • 6 complimentary drone sessions *
  • comprehensive video production upon project completion

* must be location within 100 kms Brisbane CBD

Custom multi time-lapse camera packages available.

All packages include branded, monthly time-lapse video updates for your social media.

Upon project completion, we will produce a complete video time-lapse presentation based on ALL imagery collected.

The resulting production will be awesome to watch and showcase your projects online for years to come.

Services available:

  • Solar / AC powered, sealed, waterproof camera unit/s.
  • High resolution imagery in real time – simply log-in and download!
  • Monthly time-lapse videos – perfect for management updates.
  • Full time-lapse presentation upon project completion – ideal for targeted marketing and social media campaigns!
Construction Timelapse Customer Interface
Construction time-lapse interface with up to the minute images and ability to generate 24 hour time-lapse previews.

Park Development Begins

Aerial Video Updates

Monthly Timelapse (March)

Monthly Timelapse (June)

Optional On-site Video Extras

  • Drone-lapse – a drone will fly the same flight path every month over a series of months. The resulting footage will be edited to create a drone-lapse showcasing the development as it is constructed over a period of time.
  • Alternative perspectives – short term, dynamic time-lapse photography is available for smaller installations. These make a great addition to the overall project time-lapse video by providing new perspectives which increase visual interest and further engage the viewer.


Call: 1300 072 470
Email: info@2gems.media

Benefits of Construction Time-Lapse

Project Management

  • View images remotely in real time
  • Secure login for key personnel
  • Progress reporting & updates


  • Eye catching promotional videos
  • Time-lapse video updates for social media


  • Project monitoring
  • Photographic history of project
  • Deters theft and vandalism
2 GEMS MEDIA Long Term Construction Timelapse Cameras
2 GEMS MEDIA Long Term Construction Timelapse Cameras
long term time-lapse photography
Long Term Time-lapse
Aerial Photography
Aerial Photography
construction time-lapse
Construction Time-Lapse
Aerial Photography
Aerial Photography
long term construction time-lapse camera
Real Time Monitoring


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