If there is one thing better than using video to engage your customers online, its using video as REGULARLY as possible.

Consumers love watching videos on social media.

Over 70% of consumers claim they have been influenced by a brand’s social media presence when making a purchasing decision.

Use video to keep customers informed and reach out to new customers.

It’s a no brainer. Video content for your brand on social media is a must-have for any serious business owners wishing to up their game online.

Viewers retain 95% of a message when they watch it in a video, compared to 10% when reading it in text.


But here’s the kicker. One video is simply not enough. Brands need to publish relevant video content as often as possible. The more content online, the better!

Producing video content on a regular basis is a solid strategy that will build trust, keep your customers informed and reach out to new customers.

The quality of video also matters. A lot. Shaky hand held mobile phone footage is not going to cut it. Your videos need to be professional. They need to look and sound great.

Your videos may need to have motion graphics, background music and on screen text. Your talent needs a microphone and maybe some lighting for the interview.

It’s easy for business to put all this in the too hard basket. But not anymore. 2 GEMS MEDIA has got your back.

The 2GM Social Media Video Production Package

The 2GM Social Media Video Production Package, (aside from being a mouthful) is a monthly video production subscription that provides business owners the best value when it comes to creating video content.

Video marketing yields over 60% more qualified leads per year.

Even by publishing just one video per week to your social media, you will be keeping your brand at the top of your target audience’s mind and begin the process of engagement with your customers.

72% of customers would rather learn about a product or service by way of video.


The 2GM Social Media Video Production Package is a monthly video production plan designed specifically for social media, which includes:

  • 1 full day video production (on location)
  • 1 full day editing
  • music licensing & motion graphics (basic)

With a full day of video production dedicated to your business every month, not only will you be generating content that gets you real traction online, but you will also be creating a powerful resource, a knowledge base in the form of an online video library.

Your videos can be shared on your own dedicated social media channels including YouTube, Facebook and Instagram.

81% of businesses prefer to use Facebook for their video marketing.


Ok, so videos are good, but what would I talk about?

There’s a lot you could be telling your customers about your business.

For example:

  • your story
  • tips and tricks
  • product reviews
  • market updates
  • case studies
  • testimonials
  • how to’s

Your video content will engage your target audience providing it is relevant and informative. If your viewers find your content valueable, they will like it, share it and/or comment about it.

Still stuck for ideas? Check out your customer FAQs.


Keystar Autoworld are getting serious about marketing their brand online. In just two months, we have produced:

Kathryn and the team from Keystar Autoworld were one of the first to sign up for our monthly social media video production packages and the results are already speaking for themselves with the Drive Time videos getting plenty of comments and shares on Facebook.

These videos are both informative and entertaining – the perfect blend!

Dave at 2 Gems Media has produced some innovative, interesting and fun promotional videos for us at Keystar Autoworld. We have had great cut-through and lots of positive feedback and leads from our video content.

From the brainstorming ideas stage to the end product, Dave works together with you to create videos that meet your business goals. You might have inspiration like I did with the ‘Drive Time’ video that may seem too difficult or beyond your budget but Dave made it work and had all the equipment and editing skills to make my idea come to life.

I highly recommend Dave and the work he produces to other businesses wanting to stand out in the market.

Kathryn Hopwood, Marketing Manager, Keystar Autoworld.

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Time Home Loans are serious about marketing their brand online.

In just one day of video production, we created 26 videos!

Time Home Loans recently employed the services of arguably the best business coach in Brisbane, Mr Phill Broom, and video production company, 2 GEMS MEDIA to produce a series of web videos for their social media.

This web video series covers topics that are relevant to the Time Home Loans target audience i.e. home buyers.

Topics covered include (to name a few):

  • First home buyer advise you wish you received
  • Some great first deals for home buyers
  • The truth around deposits

These are bite-size video snippets specifically designed to deliver relevant, straight to the point information for customers.

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SPECIAL THANKS to business coach and mentor, Mr Phill Broom.

I’ve been working with Dave and the team now for a few years and our most recent campaign for a client has shown remarkable results. Upping the ante from in house produced content, we moved to having Dave shoot and package up a series of interviews and to camera short features that has had massive and instant impact.

We are only a few days into our first new look campaign and we have already seen double the click through count when compared against our most recent successful campaign. With plenty of strong leads and enquiries already coming in the future is looking very promising!

Phill Broom – Great sales results START HERE!

Contact Dave for more info!

If you would like to learn more about the 2GM Social Media Video Production Package, shoot us an email (info @ 2gems.media), complete the form here, or call Dave on 1300 072 470.

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Dave Dwyer

Dave is a video producer/photographer based in Brisbane, Australia. With over a decades worth of experience experience, Dave brings a unique set of skills, passion and experience to his craft.

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