Calling all real estate agents - we need to talk about your real estate videos.

Calling all real estate agents – we need to talk about your estate videos.

So, we’ve all seen real estate videos. What’s the big deal? They can’t be too hard to create, I mean you just get a video camera and a wide angle lens and you shoot the rooms, right?

Sure, but there is a way to do it that actually tells a story. There’s a way to do it that helps to build your reputation as a professional real estate agent. There’s a way to do it that will help you stand out from your competition when it comes to your marketing and brand.

I was gobsmacked recently when a friend of mine told me about a multi-million dollar property he had seen advertised online. He forwarded me a link to the video – and I couldn’t watch more than 20 seconds of it! It was shot with a GoPro on a hand-held gimbal. It was over-exposed, then under-exposed, it was not steady, the editing was all over the place (I felt lost!) and the music, oh man .. I hit the mute button instantly.

Production value matters!

Regardless of whether you are the kind of agent that likes to be in front of the camera or take a back seat and let the property speak for itself, the quality of your video production matters greatly to both your sellers and your brand.

As a real estate video producer, the challenge that I love about producing real estate videos is not just to shoot the house but to present the lifestyle. To help do this, you can perhaps incorporate models and flash cars, tricky day/night transitions or use techniques such as time-lapse to keep viewers visually stimulated. There is a variety of techniques and strategies to produce a video that best suits the house and the character of the agent.

A video can incorporate not just the property, but also the surrounds. For example, the park down the street, the nearby shopping centres and schools. The people who are looking to buy are going to want to know about these locations. Potential buyers may not be available physically to see the property so video is the perfect medium through which to showcase the best features.

Think about your target audience and what they might want to see.

Real estate videos don’t have to be complicated. They are rather straight forward. But its the way that they are shot and the way they are edited, its the music that is selected, its the presentation to camera, its the branding and the flow of a video that is important. We want to keep people watching!

At the end of the day we want the house to speak for itself. You want the house to tell its own story and that’s where you’re relying on your video guy to see that and present it in the best way possible.

Behind the Scenes

Every house is different. Every house has its own emotion, its own character. I like to try and tap into that. The video could be fast and funky, it could be slow and majestic. The house could be brand new or need a bit of work, either way, the video purpose is to represent the property, land and surrounding areas in the best way possible.

It’s always a thrill for me to have someone who is perhaps nervous about being on camera, be guided by me and at the end of the day the video is complete, I love seeing their reaction. I love seeing the relief that they feel and how proud they are to share the video to their peers.

That’s what its all about for me. It’s about you being proud of the work that I’ve done for you!

Dave Dwyer

Dave is a video producer/photographer based in Brisbane, Australia. With over a decades worth of experience experience, Dave brings a unique set of skills, passion and experience to his craft.

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