An eye for detail and passion for perfection.

Video Producer / Camera Operator / Director / Mentor / Video Editor / Photographer

The many hats I wear!

My services include:

  • Video Camera Operator
  • Video Producer
  • Director
  • Television Series / Commercials
  • Cinema Advertising
  • Social Media

I am predominantly a one man band but also have a great team behind me including:

  • professional presenters
  • camera operators
  • photographers
  • voice-over artists, and
  • motion graphic designers.

I can’t decide what I like more, production (filming) or post production (editing). The beautiful thing is they both go together. I shoot for my edits and that’s where the magic starts.

Selling the Dream

My vision for video production is always with the target audience. They are the ones who will be watching! I’m consciously shooting and framing my scenes with them in mind.

I love using the most visually engaging techniques I can to capture my target audience attention and imagination.

  • Aerial Hyper-lapse
  • Time-lapse
  • 6K video masking (for perfectly blended internal/external exposures)

To name a few.

I take my time to get the shots.

I have all the equipment I need including drones, 4K video cameras, digital stabilizers, lenses, microphones, lights, motorized sliders, long-term time-lapse units, 360 cameras, action cameras and more.

I’m driven by passion. I need to be creative. I never stop learning.

Whether it be premium real estate, luxury prize homes, business testimonials, TVC’s, live events, you name it – it’s all about telling (and selling!) the story.

My ultimate goal is to produce media that exceeds my clients expectations.

Mine too.

Dave, my video was awesome! I’m blown away by the whole thing. It struck me how much (my product) means to people and you caught this. I have worked so hard to make my business work and you have brought it to life. Thank you.

James Nevell – Queensland Granny Flats (June 2019)

Working remotely from Washington, DC, I was looking for a crew to carry out my shoots in various locations in Australia. Dave has always done a fantastic job at providing high quality footage, a professional attitude, and excellent interviewing and producing skills. He is my go to guy any time I have a client in his area. Highly recommended!

Bart JOHNson – Bart johnson productions

Dave, the video work you’re doing for me is dynamic, electric and thought provoking. You understand my brand and your videos showcase exactly what I am after every single time. I Look forward to working with you for many years to come.

Jacob Galea, Keynote Speaker & Author