Behind the scenes on a real estate video shoot with Dave Dwyer from 2 GEMS MEDIA PTY LTD - Inspired Video Production & Photography Services in Brisbane, Australia.

I recently purchased a GoPro Fusion camera. Initially, I thought I would be using this camera to produce what is called ‘360 video’. A 360 video is a video that you can watch ‘virtual reality’ style, but you must have a VR headset to do so.

While its nice to have the capability to shoot 360 videos, I find I’m using this camera more and more to shoot interesting behind the scenes footage.

Once I got my head around the post production workflow, I was pleasantly surprised to learn that I could also use the footage captured with the Fusion camera in my regularly produced videos.

As the name suggests, this camera shoots 360 degrees and allows you to fuse the footage together, seamlessly. You can then choose your angles and perspectives when editing the footage in the timeline.

This provides a unique viewing experience which I think lends itself really well to a variety of video productions, including an interesting way to capture real world behind the scenes footage.

In this example, I attached the GoPro Fusion camera to the frame of my DJI Ronin-M. When editing, I’m able to move around and choose the various perspectives I want in the video by using keyframes.

I’m often a one-man-band videographer and I am responsible for basically everything including professional audio recording, video production and model direction.

I often need to think on the spot when it comes to suitable lifestyle shots and work with the models to capture the right perspectives and emotions. I love it, I get so immersed in my work.

Having a camera shooting behind the scenes allows me to review my efforts after the shoot is completed. It’s interesting to watch myself at work!

The video production from which this behind the scenes footage was taken was a premium real estate video produced for Tom Zhang at Yong Real Estate.

You can watch the full video below!

Dave Dwyer

Dave is a video producer/photographer based in Brisbane, Australia. With over a decades worth of experience experience, Dave brings a unique set of skills, passion and experience to his craft.

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