Aerial photography, particularly panoramic aerial photography is fast becoming my favourite past time. The fact that I am able to provide services such as aerial panoramic photography to my clients is a real bonus!

There is an awesome sense of freedom knowing you can stop the car, pop the drone up and photograph the surrounding landscape whenever inspiration hits. 

Well, freedom as long as one doesn’t fly in restricted airspace and has the necessary permits if flying from council parks etc. 

Tips for shooting great aerial photography

Check the weather

Mother nature plays a huge part in making (or breaking) a good aerial photograph. Too many clouds for example will result in large shadowed areas across the landscape so it pays to be savvy to weather reports in advance.

Brisbane Tollways - 2 GEMS MEDIA
Brisbane Tollways
Research the location

Aside from the view itself, be aware of what time of day would present the best. Take note of any air restrictions that might be in place. If in Australia, be sure to download the ‘Can I Fly There?‘ app or visit the website.

Southbank Brisbane
Southbank Brisbane

Frame your shot

I think panoramas look best when you line up the horizon to be two thirds up the screen. In other words, divide the screen into 3 equal horizontal sections and line up the horizon accordingly.

Port Melbourne
Port Melbourne

Take the time to learn your drone settings and software

I shoot both AEB and 180 Panoramas with my drone. Both techniques require different editing workflows. Be patient and take the time to learn the software and editing tools. 

Software that I use, includes:

  • DJI Media Maker (to stitch the panoramas)
  • Adobe Lightroom
  • Adobe Photoshop
Melbourne City
Melbourne City

2 GEMS MEDIA employs CASA registered and certified drone pilots only. We operate as per all guidelines and procedures found at the CASA website.

Dave Dwyer

Dave is a video producer/photographer based in Brisbane, Australia. With over a decades worth of experience experience, Dave brings a unique set of skills, passion and experience to his craft.

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