Auctioneer & Business Consultant
Brief info

After more than a decade of experience as a real estate sales agent and business owner, Phill has personally navigated a wide variety of difficult scenarios. Learning first-hand the critical steps involved in conducting a winning auction campaign and business, Phill has honed his auction call by working closely with Auctioneering mentor Jason Andrew.

Phill's generosity with his time and knowledge is his trademark, making himself readily available to assist with all facets of the real estate business landscape, and of course he is there to help out at all stages of an auction campaign. Working with a range of real estate professions, from novice through to expert, Phill's careful focus on the skills, the mindset, the processes and the systems - the science - of being a better real estate professional is what sets him apart from the others.

Phill's constant drive to develop his own skills means he is always in front of industry change. With enthusiasm and empathy in equal parts, Phill makes an effective partner for all real estate and sales focussed professionals.