2 GEMS MEDIA Company Director, Dave Dwyer, had a massive year in 2017.

Dave single-handedly produced over 150 real estate videos and sold over 200 copies of his online training video series, How to Shoot n Edit Real Estate Videos.

“It’s a great feeling to know that I’ve helped so many people get started in real estate video production.”

The online video series is available on Vimeo and has been receiving rave reviews.

“This course if by far the best real estate video production course I’ve seen anywhere on the web.” says Roman Paylian.

“Dave, not only are you a great photographer and videographer…you are great teacher as well! I just finished your video series and have already completed my first real estate video edit complete with aerial drone footage and HDR photography. I will be using all of the fantastic techniques that you taught in your series to consistently improve my shoots and edits. Thank you for sharing your expertise with the rest of the world!” – R. Reese.

Larry Lohrman from the very popular Photography For Real Estate website wrote an article about Dave’s course, in which he states “Dave has created a great series of video tutorials to help people getting started shooting real estate video. Besides the usual coverage of equipment and basic camera settings, he goes into real estate video styles, on-location production advice, and extensive tutorials on video editing.”

The creation of 2 GEMS MEDIA PTY LTD is the next step for Dave who plans on redefining the business of real estate video production in 2018.

“In the age of social media, the use of online video to market property is a no brainer. However, the real challenge is to make the real estate video pop!

It has to catch the viewers attention in just a few seconds. It has to engage the viewer and you only get one shot to do this.

Aside from the inspired video production itself, traction online will ultimately be determined by the editing style. Videos need to capture the viewers attention quickly. This is what we will be focusing on in 2018.”